3d viz challenging the real estate business

3d visualisering 3d viz is changing the real estate business. In the old days it was a bit of a problem to sell unbuilt real estate projects. Now, with the help of software like 3d Max and others, developers can show their potential buyers exactly how a project will look with virtual 3d visuals (3d visualisering). A client now expects to see both facades and the interiors of a house or a flat before he or she buys, even if delivery is two years ahead.

New technology taking 3d viz further

But now things are changing all over again. The last couple of years many real estate projects have been promoted by virtual videos, more expensive but also a more effective way of showing a unit. And it has also shown to be effective in the terms of increasing sales. Statistics are showing that both turnaround time is shorter and price is higher with high quality 3d visualisations. This is off course two extremely important factors for developers. And it’s also why things are moving forward once again. The next step now it to let client enter their new home in VR glasses to see and move around in a 3d visualized environment. The apartment or house can be as detailed as your own home, and client can se all the rooms, they can see and plan how to place furniture and decorations in a much better way than working with flat floorplans.

Visual presentation, comes with a challenge

Visual presentations have proved to be an important mean for the real estate business. But does it also have other implications for the business? Well, it seems it actually does! One thing is that buyers actually expect fancy imagery before buying a new home now, and it’s not possible to sell something without it. The other and evenly important factor is that this actually forces the developers to develop higher quality projects. Why? Because with high quality 3d visualisations clients do get a much better understanding of what they are buying, and they will not buy something they don’t like. This actually have resulted in a quite substantial increase in quality of new homes. Before it has been difficult to spot problems with a floor plan. The architects placement of furniture perhaps did look ok in simple flat 2d floor plans, but when viewing it in crystal clear 3d, and perhaps even through some 3d glasses were you are free to move around and really understand the plans, every flaw fast becomes apparent. Then even mom can see that the sofa is only 4 feet wide, and not 8, like it seems in the plans.

The future so bright you gotta wear shades!

A bright future ahead of us it seems! Or at least we can state that for a homebuyer the future is brighter, but you have to wear your 3d glasses. It will certainly help you to understand and choose your new home based on a more solid foundation. Good luck!

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How to Find a Good Translation Service Provider

french translation servicesWhether you want to export your trademark abroad or simply translate your internal documents, it is essential to use professional translation services. Leave the machine translation software behind you: it will only discredit your brand.

Professional french translation services are your guarantee of successful communication with your customers, suppliers, partners, etc.

Today, translation agencies are becoming more and more numerous. A question arises: “How to choose a translation agency?”

Here is a list of points to consider when selecting your translation agency:

Analyze the different offers

It is essential to take your time during this type of process. A good translation is essential in the internationalization of a company, and it is best to select your French service provider carefully.

Do not favor the lowest bidder. Many translation agencies charge low rates to attract more clients. However, quality does not always follow as these agencies underpay their translators, who, in order to survive, are forced to translate faster and… to rush their work!

Moreover, using such translation agencies also means running the risk of working with translators who have not been properly evaluated, or receiving a French translation that has not been revised.

Therefore, beware of low rates! The usual rates depend on the area of specialization.

Analyze the different offers of the professional translators you have selected. Also make sure that the freelance provider is flexible, and can provide quality work at any time, for example, by having a network of French linguists based anywhere in the world.

Choose native translators

For an English to French translation to be of high quality, it must be written by a native speaker.

Only a native translator is able to detect all the linguistic nuances of their mother tongue. In addition, the style will be clearly natural.

Choose an agency specialized in your field of expertise

It’s well known: in localization, one size does not fit all! A medical text does get translated the same way as a legal text.

Only a translator with solid knowledge of your field of expertise will deliver a quality translation, accurately conveying the original message.

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Definition of DLP Technology

ideal projector for gamingDLP stands for Digital Light Processing is a video estimation technology which is developed by Texas Instruments.DLP technology can be utilized in numerous video display platforms but it is often used in video projectors. Earlier this DLP technology was employed in some backend projection of TVs.

The following process depicts how the DLP technology is used to produce images:-

A lamp moves light through a spinning color wheel, which then rebounds off of a single chip which is known as DMD chip, it has a surface which is covered with microscopic –sized slanting mirrors. The reflected light patterns then move through the lens and reach the screen.

Advantages of DLP projectors:-

  • DLP projectors can be easily transported as it is small in size. Some of these projectors can even be connected to the tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.
  • These are mostly used for delivering home cinema applications.
  • DLP projectors possess a muted pixel constituted when viewed from a normal viewing distance which may not influence a power point presentation but will surely affect smooth video presentations.
  • DLP projectors encompass of fewer parts and are cheaper to repair.

Disadvantages of DLP projectors

  • If the projector image is looked from one side of the screen then DLP projector depicts the rainbow effect traces of rainbow colored streaks around the brighter objects.
  • Stray light reflections can be caused off the edges of the mirrors on the DLP chip which is caused by the grey band outside of the image. This can be evaded by installing black borders which are fixed on the older DLP screen of projector.

How does DLP Projectors Works:-

DLP projectors primarily depend upon a DLP chip or digital micro mirror device (DMD) which encompasses two million small mirrors, where each mirror measures the one fifth width of a human hair. Each of these mirrors can primarily move away or towards from the source of the light to create a light or dark pixel. The color is transmitted to the DMD by rays of light from a source of light lamp, which passes through the color wheel and reaches the chip and finally the image passes through the lens and it’s projected on the screen.

35 trillion colors can be delivered by three-chip architecture of DLP projector. It uses a prism to Clift the light from the lamp and every primary colored light is circuited to the DLP chip, and then delivered through the lens.

Uses of DLP projectors:-

  • The business projector produces sales, marketing and training presentations.
  • Home theatres are entrusted for delivering movies, playing video games, viewing TV commercials and serials on a huge screen, browsing the internet and viewing pictures from the still digitalized cameras.
  • Video walls are found in the command and control centers which are utilized by the utility and telecommunication companies.
  • Commercial entertainment operations like the concerts, award ceremonies, casinos and corporate launch events are best captured through these projectors.
  • These projectors can be used for projecting in front of large group of people, for ex – these projectors are used in hotels, places of worship, classrooms and hotels.

You can find the ideal projector for gaming here.

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Vidmate Video Downloader Free

VidmateVidmate Video downloader helps you download all your favourite Music Videos, HD Movies, Music, TV Serials etc on your Android tablet and phones. Now if you are a fan of watching motion pictures like me then this Vidmate Video downloader is certainly one for you and if you still have not got one you should download vidmate app on your Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone or pc now.

Now Vidmate is one of the best App presently in the market that will let you download all your HD videos for free of cost. And on top of that it is quite of a manageable size with the latest version of vidmate app download being only of 3 MB so it will also not take much of your devices storage size.

Here are some of the awesome features that you will get from the Vidmate App and the reason that due to which vidmate is a must have app on your devices.

Major Key Features of Vidmate App:

Vidmate Video downloader app offers a wide range of features for its client, which you can use to download all your favorite Videos and movies for free of cost from different platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud and many more.

  • Vidmate is a free video downloader app which you can use to download all your favorite videos. You can either download the app in apk file or from the Google Play Store both the links are given below.
  • Vidmate HD-Video downloader app is small in size yet it packs a powerful performance with high speed downloading.
  • It supports all types of Android Version from 2.2 Android Operating System onwards.
  • It supports more than 300,000+ Videos and songs in many languages including regional languages.
  • Vidmate can do multi-tasking with ease so you do other stuffs when you are downloading videos on Vidmate app.
  • Vidmate HD Video downloader app lets you download your Videos and Movies at the format you want.

So the above are some of the major key features that you will get with this awesome HD-Video downloader app Vidmate.

Now after hearing all those features of Vidmate Videos and Movies downloader app you would be quite excite to know on how to download & install Vidmate on your devices.

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