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A short introduction to Star Citizen

Star Citizen referral codeStar Citizen is a first person MMO with hundreds of solar systems once released. The game features incredibly detailed space ships varying from small single-seaters to huge multi-crew star ships capable of carrying fighter ships. The beta will have massive space stations, planetary outposts, FPS action, land vehicles, exploration opportunities, mining, trading combat etc etc.

Star Citizen is currently being developed by founder Chris Roberts. Roberts is known for the famous Wing commander games and Privateer. Currently it’s the biggest crowdfunded project ever,  $157 million in funding has been raised so far. Over 400 staff are working hard to bring the best damn space sim ever created.

If you’re interested in the game and have a decent PC you could wait for Citizencon 2017 and try the game for free. Free fly events occur around 5 times each year. If you’re interested in the game and want to know more you should check out the guides at

At this moment the game is in alpha and playable. Content is thin but enjoyable for a couple of hours, the fidelity is entertaining enough. This should change once version 3.0 arrives where the first game mechanics are rolled out. 3.0 should bring cargo hauling (space trucking), mining and various combat missions and might be considered early access.

There is controversy surrounding SC, mainly because of the ridiculous prices for some of the game packages and numerous delays. Game development isn’t easy, especially when you look at the scale of the project. Delays are pretty common in software development but when you using an open development approach it gets noticed.

Star citizen will consist of a single player game called Squadron42 and the multiplayer game. Squadron42 is expected to release somewhere around 2018 and the MMO could be in beta by 2020. Enough time to save for a high-end rig from outer-space.

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Hong Kong: Asia’s Financial Hub

investing in Hong KongHong Kong, while technically a part of China, is also its own separate entity. It remained a British colony for 99 years and was only given back to China in 1997. Because of this, Hong Kong maintains a distinct identity as it has a democratic political system, more advanced economy and different way of thinking than the Chinese mainland.

At one time a backwater of no more than a few thousand fishermen, Hong Kong experienced rapid economic development from the 1960s through to the 1990s and is now a highly developed service economy that serves as China’s gateway to the west.

The fisheries from old-times have been replaced with massive skyscrapers. Today, the island is one of Asia’s largest financial and business centers. It also has claim to the largest seaport in in the entire world.

One of Hong Kong’s unique advantages is its geographical location placing it at the heart of Asia as it lies on the border of China and the rapidly developing economies of ASEAN. Due to this, Hong Kong serves as a perfect base to expand into China and Southeast Asia.

Many other people have recognized the city’s potential as a hub, as it is the third largest recipient of foreign direct investment in the world.

Investing in Hong Kong is not without certain problems though. Being a relatively small island, it does have issues with land shortages and the price of real estate is immensely high.

The government has recently attempted to solve this problem by imposing additional taxes on purchases of real estate by foreigners in order to make property a less attractive investment and lower prices.

Land reclamation from the sea has also been practiced in Hong Kong since the mid-19th century and much of Hong Kong, including Disneyland and their international airport, is now comprised of reclaimed land.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the 6th largest in the world by market capitalization and also the second largest in Asia. Many international firms from the rest of Asia, as well as the U.S. and Europe are traded on it.

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Definition of DLP Technology

ideal projector for gamingDLP stands for Digital Light Processing is a video estimation technology which is developed by Texas Instruments.DLP technology can be utilized in numerous video display platforms but it is often used in video projectors. Earlier this DLP technology was employed in some backend projection of TVs.

The following process depicts how the DLP technology is used to produce images:-

A lamp moves light through a spinning color wheel, which then rebounds off of a single chip which is known as DMD chip, it has a surface which is covered with microscopic –sized slanting mirrors. The reflected light patterns then move through the lens and reach the screen.

Advantages of DLP projectors:-

  • DLP projectors can be easily transported as it is small in size. Some of these projectors can even be connected to the tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.
  • These are mostly used for delivering home cinema applications.
  • DLP projectors possess a muted pixel constituted when viewed from a normal viewing distance which may not influence a power point presentation but will surely affect smooth video presentations.
  • DLP projectors encompass of fewer parts and are cheaper to repair.

Disadvantages of DLP projectors

  • If the projector image is looked from one side of the screen then DLP projector depicts the rainbow effect traces of rainbow colored streaks around the brighter objects.
  • Stray light reflections can be caused off the edges of the mirrors on the DLP chip which is caused by the grey band outside of the image. This can be evaded by installing black borders which are fixed on the older DLP screen of projector.

How does DLP Projectors Works:-

DLP projectors primarily depend upon a DLP chip or digital micro mirror device (DMD) which encompasses two million small mirrors, where each mirror measures the one fifth width of a human hair. Each of these mirrors can primarily move away or towards from the source of the light to create a light or dark pixel. The color is transmitted to the DMD by rays of light from a source of light lamp, which passes through the color wheel and reaches the chip and finally the image passes through the lens and it’s projected on the screen.

35 trillion colors can be delivered by three-chip architecture of DLP projector. It uses a prism to Clift the light from the lamp and every primary colored light is circuited to the DLP chip, and then delivered through the lens.

Uses of DLP projectors:-

  • The business projector produces sales, marketing and training presentations.
  • Home theatres are entrusted for delivering movies, playing video games, viewing TV commercials and serials on a huge screen, browsing the internet and viewing pictures from the still digitalized cameras.
  • Video walls are found in the command and control centers which are utilized by the utility and telecommunication companies.
  • Commercial entertainment operations like the concerts, award ceremonies, casinos and corporate launch events are best captured through these projectors.
  • These projectors can be used for projecting in front of large group of people, for ex – these projectors are used in hotels, places of worship, classrooms and hotels.

You can find the ideal projector for gaming here.

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Buying guide for Hair Straighteners 101

HairWikiAre you having a daily fight with your hair? Why not consider befriending a hair straightener today! This piece of the tool will surely help you achieve your dream hair style anywhere and anytime. Remember this always, “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair.” Aubrey Hepburn surely knows how to rock it.

It seems that you got the message now. Hence, let’s move on to choosing the best hair straighteners for you! We have teamed up with HairWiki who are the pioneer in information about hair. Simply, there are about 3 or more of its kind in the market now. It differs with materials, function, and features. Make sure to understand them! It will be your crowning glory secret soon.

When it comes to your hair, treat it as your investment. For that, a ceramic straightener will be your first choice. This kind of tool is made with a ceramic plate that’s been around for 20 years now. It’s heavily perfect for straightening well. If you are tight on the financial side, this will be a nice for you too.

Tourmaline flat iron is the next one. It’s surely hard to pronounce! Though, you don’t need to mind it because it’s too easy to use. Its plate is what made of the tourmaline. With it, the heat remains really consistent and trapped well on the rod. If you’re asking what’s difference with the ceramic plate, it’s safer for your hair. It also fights well the hair frizzes!

The next one is the titanium straighteners. If you opt for the newest versions of this hair wands, then go for this. This is the most common tool professionals use now. Why? Because its packs better feature for its price. Even the season can’t compete with how well it can make your crowning glory sleek.

On the other hand, here are also some of the things you might consider about hair straighteners beside its materials. These will be the factors that will differentiate everything about you hair wands.

The first thing you should find the flat iron is its temperature. Remember that all hair aren’t all equal when it comes to thickness and strength. Find that most appropriate for you. Then, decide whether you need a thicker or thinner plate. These will help you with versatility. In essence, the wider it is the better.

The feature is the last thing you should think about for hair straighteners. What is this about? These are the added things you can get from it. Some of it are built-in comb teeth or steam functions. There are also the Cordless flat irons and instant-heat ones.

In conclusion, the perfect hair straightener depends on your need and budget. From ceramic to titanium, everything can perfectly fit you. Though, jets make sure that you get the best of it. Don’t buy on impulse! Always consider what how it can help you.

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