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Where to watch Game of Thrones online ?

watch Game of Thrones online“A Game of Thrones” is written on a scale of truly epic proportions as it covers many different settings including: wealthy cities completed with high castles, scorching hot deserts, barbaric nomadic camps, and harsh landscapes north of old piney forests. One of the most noticeable overused themes of the game are that the seasons shift very slowly; it will be summer for years and winter for years. For instance, when the game begins it is stated that summer is beginning to fade, and that winter will soon arrive.

The game’s social order is made up of commoners, referred to as “smallfolk”, and nobles. Within the world, the religious power is dominated by a state church that worships what is called Seven; which superimposed a much older religion more closely connected to nature. This older religion is described as every ancient family’s castle stronghold controlling a sacred grove known as a Godswood. It is said that at one point each Godswood had a heart tree that acted as a divine presence; however, since the rise of seven almost every heart tree has been destroyed. The main noble family in the story, the Starks, still own and honor the Old Gods through their remaining heart tree.

Another important player in the social order is the Maesters, who are a scholarly order. The men that make-up the Maesters order deliver medical care, knowledgeable in many subjects, and can attain high honors if ambitious enough. In each noble household, a Maester is present; the Maester’s manage almost all communication with both messenger crows and letters.

“A Game of Thrones” takes the viewer through a wide-range of emotion only to leave them longing for more. This is a must-watch series that takes viewers’ imaginations on the ride of a lifetime. With iwatchgameofthrones.net you can watch Game Of Thrones online, anytime.

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