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A short introduction to Star Citizen

Star Citizen referral codeStar Citizen is a first person MMO with hundreds of solar systems once released. The game features incredibly detailed space ships varying from small single-seaters to huge multi-crew star ships capable of carrying fighter ships. The beta will have massive space stations, planetary outposts, FPS action, land vehicles, exploration opportunities, mining, trading combat etc etc.

Star Citizen is currently being developed by founder Chris Roberts. Roberts is known for the famous Wing commander games and Privateer. Currently it’s the biggest crowdfunded project ever,  $157 million in funding has been raised so far. Over 400 staff are working hard to bring the best damn space sim ever created.

If you’re interested in the game and have a decent PC you could wait for Citizencon 2017 and try the game for free. Free fly events occur around 5 times each year. If you’re interested in the game and want to know more you should check out the guides at starcitizenreferralcodes.com.

At this moment the game is in alpha and playable. Content is thin but enjoyable for a couple of hours, the fidelity is entertaining enough. This should change once version 3.0 arrives where the first game mechanics are rolled out. 3.0 should bring cargo hauling (space trucking), mining and various combat missions and might be considered early access.

There is controversy surrounding SC, mainly because of the ridiculous prices for some of the game packages and numerous delays. Game development isn’t easy, especially when you look at the scale of the project. Delays are pretty common in software development but when you using an open development approach it gets noticed.

Star citizen will consist of a single player game called Squadron42 and the multiplayer game. Squadron42 is expected to release somewhere around 2018 and the MMO could be in beta by 2020. Enough time to save for a high-end rig from outer-space.

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